Comedy, Movies, and a New McCarthyism with Mark Groubert

Mark Groubert is a screenwriter and investigative reporter/features writer for the LA Weekly (Village Voice Media) focusing on addiction, recovery, and the drug policy war.
Groubert was a regular guest on Dr. Drew Live, the national radio show of Dr. Drew Pinsky, the addiction specialist and host of VH1's Celebrity Rehab series. In addition, since 2005, Groubert has served as the Senior Film and Book Reviewer for the popular political website
In 2004, Groubert and his associates opened the Malibu Coast Treatment Center, a fully licensed, six-bed luxury rehab facility located in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Groubert did a stint as editor of The Weekly World News in 2002. He has also written for Penthouse Magazine, High Times, LA City Beat, and numerous other publications.
Between 1994 and 2001 Groubert penned more than ten screenplays including The Recruit (2003), starring Colin Farrell and Al Pacino, as well as served as a script doctor on dozens of others. For HBO Groubert produced the award-winning documentary on the history of African-American comedy: Mo' Funny: Black Comedy in America (1993). Also for HBO, Groubert produced On The Ledge (1992), an avant-garde variety show, as well as created the hit show Mambo Mouth (1991), which won an Off-Broadway Obie Award for star John Leguizamo. Groubert followed up by producing the filmed version of the show for HBO and Island Pictures.
In 1989 Groubert created, published, and edited MTV To Go Magazine, the first nationally distributed desktop publication in America with a circulation of over a quarter million monthly copies. Magazine Week nominated the monthly publication for its Publishing Excellence Award.
In 1985 Groubert began a four-year stint as an editor for National Lampoon Magazine penning numerous outlandish articles. During this time, he also co-wrote the best selling National Lampoon Joke Book.
Groubert attended Bard College, The New School for Social Research, and New York University Film School. A native New Yorker, he currently resides in Los Feliz, California.
As a feature writer for the L.A. Weekly/Village Voice Media based in Hollywood, Mark Groubert is connected to numerous media sources across television, film, and the celebrity culture. The L.A. Weekly/Village Voice Media combined online and in print circulation reaches nearly a million readers per week.
As a filmmaker, he has made three documentaries for HBO and intends to vigorously pursue Rehab Nation: The Documentary as his fourth.
As a publisher, Groubert worked closely with the MTV Network when he created and edited MTV Magazine back in the early '90s.
As a journalist, he has been featured on VH1 Confidential, a hit show for the Viacom network.

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