Data Analytics with John Johnson of Edgeworth Economics

Dr John Johnson, economist and statistician joins me for an interview about data analytics and how they fit in our lives.

Did you know the average salary for mayors in the US has been show to be 62K whereas the average for deputy mayors was 83K.
Did you know 93% of drivers think they are above average?
Have you heard that in Miami people are born Latino and die Jewish?

Dr John Johnson answers these questions and more. Data and statistics can be a helpful tool or manipulated to mean anything.

Dr. John Johnson is a PhD economist who specializes in applying economic
analysis to large and complex data sets. In his work with Fortune 100
companies, he has analyzed large sample sets and internal survey data in
high-stakes, “bet-the-company” litigation. John understands how to transform companies’ raw, messy data into meaningful analysis and reliable results that empower informed decision-making. A teacher at heart, John is known for his ability to explain technical concepts simply and clearly.
John is also a business owner and entrepreneur who appreciates the power
of harnessing data in running a high-performing organization. Ten years ago,
he founded Edgeworth Economics and has since built the company into a
world-class economic consulting firm. And in 2019, John launched Edgeworth Analytics to meet the growing demand for sound data analysis in human resources and other business services.

John is the author of the book "Everydata: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day."

John received his PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology and his BA in economics, with highest distinction, from the
University of Rochester.

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