Fraud Busting and Loss Prevention Body Language Expert Traci Brown

Fraud Detection and Prevention expert Traci Brown joins the show. She is also a well known body language expert.

Question: What do Lance Armstrong, Stormy Daniels and Vladimir Putin have in common?

Answer: Traci Brown, Body Language and Fraud Detection Expert has revealed their secrets to the world

Traci Brown has told the world what they're not saying. NBC, CBS and Fox have asked this body language expert to reveal secrets hidden in plain sight. And she can help your team reveal the secrets your clients are keeping from you that are impacting your bottom line.

She has studied lie and deception detection alongside the Police, FBI, Army Green Berets and people who she believes could not tell her they were in the CIA. Yes, she's the only one who showed up to class without a gun. She uses this information in her keynotes for banking, credit unions and finance groups to detect and prevent fraud. And this is currently what she's called most to do.

Her TV career started when she was asked to interpret the body language of the Aurora Movie Theater Shooter in 2012. And she's revealed the truth in many events since then: including murders, cold cases and politics.

Trailer for Traci's TV show

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