Michael Uslan is Batman's Batman

After creating the first ever college course on comic books, Michael Uslan with his partner Benjamin Melniker managed to buy the film rights to the Batman catalog. You will find his name on every Batman release from the legendary 1989 movie through now.

Michael E. Uslan is Originator and Executive Producer of the
Batman movie franchise, spanning from 1989’s BATMAN to 2022’s THE BATMAN, including THE JOKER, the DARK KNIGHT trilogy, the Justice League series. His work has been awarded with Oscar, Emmy, People’s Choice and Annie Awards. He was the first instructor to teach an accredited course on comic book folklore at any university and continues to teach as a Professor of Practice at Indiana University Media School. He is also the author of The Boy Who Loved Batman (IUP, 2019), which will become a Broadway play in Fall, 2022 with the Nederlander Organization.

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