New Years Eve Legal Party w/ Viva Frei, Rekieta Law, Nate the Lawyer, LegalBytes, and Good Lawgic

Viva Frei, Rekieta Law, Nate the Lawyer, LegalBytes, and Good Lawgic join me to finish out the year with another fantastic legal panel!
This also launches a new channel Laid Back News which will be more panels and news shows!

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@Viva Frei
David Freiheit is a lawyer turned YouTuber (check out his channel Viva Frei). He received a GoPro as a gift and that started his obsession with video creation. He began by making fun videos lip-syncing to pop songs in a business suit at Spartan races. David then had a video of a squirrel grabbing his GoPro and climbing a tree go viral.
Now he has creates "Vlawgs" where he breaks down depositions and discusses legal events in the news.
Check him out at second family fun channel @Viva Family

@Rekieta Law
Nick Rekieta, A Minnesota lawyer and owner of Rekieta Law, discusses legal topics and breaks down lawsuits; often, over scotch.

@Nate The Lawyer
Nate Broady is a former prosecutor, law enforcement officer, Law School Lecturer and now a YouTuber.

Alyte is an attorney licensed to practice in California and DC. She graduated from The University of Texas School of Law after getting her undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego with a major in history and a minor in sociology. She loves picking apart movies, tv shows, and all forms of literature, and is terrible at experiencing all of them with other people because she has a nasty tendency to pick out major plot twists early on... and... vocalize them for everyone else.

@Good Lawgic
Joe Nierman is an Orthodox Jewish attorney who has spent 22 years practicing law in NY. He runs a solo practice specializing in commercial litigation and judgment execution. Four months ago Joe started Good Lawgic, a quickly growing YouTube platform for providing legal and political analysis with a blend of humor and harsh truth.

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