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Fantastic Interview Show

Unstructured is a fascinating podcast where guests reveal their passions and the conversations goes. From why David Lee Roth requested no green M&Ms to why Ireland is famous for stout, the unseen structures in the world is discussed and its riveting.

Great Interview Show

Eric can really pull a lot of great information and stories out of his guests without inserting to much of himself. Which is really impressive, keeping people talk about themselves and knowing when to have side bars is a real skill and super engaging to listen to.

Urban Farming Episode is SOOO Good!

Great conversation with Drew Sample. It's such a cool idea to make money flipping crops! This is really cool. I had no idea that was even a thing! Im really into entrepreneurship so this really appealled to me.

Really engaging and informative interviews

Unstructured allows for really deep conversations with guests where the discussions have room to breathe and explore ideas and emotions. As a bonus, after listening to Adam Hansen's conversation I finally understand what innovation experts do!

Great interviews, great prespective

Unstructured is an interview podcast, but it is not just another interview-style podcast. Host Eric Hunley rounds up guest who are not just making the rounds in time for promotion for the next launch. The guests are real innovators and world changers who are asked questions are probing without being obnoxious.

Unstructured for the win!

There’s a good bit of interview shows out there obviously and it’s hard to stick out from the crowd. With guests like David Rollins, phenomenal hosting and interviewing, clean audio and engaging content... It’s easy to see why Unstructured isn’t “just another” show out there. Subscribe! You’ll like it!